Loyal Service or Political Agenda? – The Ramessesnakht Family, the 20th Dynasty and the end of the New Kingdom

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From his first attestation dating to late in the reign of Ramesses III or early in that of Ramesses IV until his last, early in the reign of Ramesses IX, the high official Ramessesnakht occupied the office of ‘High Priest of Amun’. As well as this immensely important and powerful position he also held other important offices. These included ‘Overseer of Royal Building Projects’ and ‘High Steward of the Memorial Temple of Ramesses III.’

This accumulation and monopolisation of administrative offices by various members of the Ramessesnakht family has often been proscribed in popular Egyptological literature as having been instrumental to the decline of royal authority during the 20th Dynasty and, ultimately, the fall of the New Kingdom. The exact nature of the relationship between the family and the ruling dynasty though is unclear as the available evidence seems to indicate that the family acted on behalf of rather than against the royal court.

Join James Parr as he attempts to try and determine the nature of the relationship between the Ramessesnakht family and the royal court of the 20th Dynasty and its influence if any on the fall of the New Kingdom.